Condor Mini cuts Hy15 key to Sonata 2009

key cutting machine

Did a few Hy15 2009 Sonata yesterday!

I just input cuts and get code with instacode then cut by code on condor


Here are some tips good to know!

On condor mini, cuts are inverted

Oem depths are reversed, condor has them normal, so oem is 5=1, 4=2, on condor 1=1 2=2

Mostly on kia and hyundai i believe, lxp90 blade if i remember correctly, the ones ive done that do this, is hy15 from my experience, some of the more experienced guys might be able to clarify though

you must to cut by drill:

step1: key duplication

step2: on the left of your screen you see universal type, you push on it then you choose 2 track key and then you decode key.

Never decode by brand car and year its not good condor