Confirmed! Kess V2 5.017 OBD Reads BMW 318 e46 n42 

ECU Chip Tunning

BMW 318 e46 n42 is tested successfully! The ECU can be read by Kess V2 firmware 5.017 with a red PCB.

Upload images:

kess-v2-2.47-testing kess-v2-5.017-obd-read-e46-1 kess-v2-5.017-obd-read-e46-2 kess-v2-5.017-obd-read-e46-3 kess-v2-5.017-obd-read-e46-4 kess-v2-5.017-obd-read-e46-5

Tested by Hồng Xuân. BIG THANKS!!!!!!!

Kess v2 5.017 source: