Customer Reviews on FOXWELL NT301

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Chinacardiags has collected some customer reviews on FOXWELL NT301. Post them here for you to take a reference.

the more I study this instrument the more I like it.

The best feature I think is the graphing

Be warned this is not your typical code reader. This one gets into the the technical stuff. A lot I have no idea what I was looking at. I learned to use a few of the functions from uTube videos. I learned enough to find out I had a plugged EGR valve and I have to 02 sensors that are bad. I have the shop manuals for my car and the more I study this instrument the more I like it. The best feature I think is the graphing. Watching the operation of the 02 sensors on the graph mode enabled me to locate the bad sensors in a couple of minutes. If you are willing to take the time and learn how to use this scanner, you’ll be glad you bought it. I’m very pleased with my purchase. However when you order this, order a case and the extention ribbon. You will want to protect this little jewel. The extention ribbon allows you to hook up to your automobile computer and be able to sit comfortably in the driver’s seat while you are doing the test instead of being hunched under the steering wheel. Great scanner, great price!

Most impressed by data logging feature

Recommend it if you do home or even professional wrench turning

So far I really like it. It does exactly what you expect a consumer grade scanner to do, it reads and clears codes but also gives live data streams and logs. I gave it to a shop next to my office and so far those guys like it too. It doesn’t read SRS, ABS or transmission codes that aren’t stored in the PCM though but most consumer grade OBDII scanners don’t either.

The function I was most impressed to see was the data logging feature and the ability to record and review logs. You can also print stored codes from the unit. I’ve tried this on several different cars already and so far it has worked flawlessly. It far out performs Actron and various other parts store scanners I have used.

I have a Nissan Maxima that my Snap on scanner requires a Nissan specific keychip in the plug and the Foxwell scanner had no issues connecting to. I compared data feeds between the NT301 and my Models and they were identical so I have no problem relying on this to be accurate.

If you do home or even professional wrench turning I would highly recommend this unit.

the update software appears to work on windows only.

It diagnosed my car quickly and give a readout of the problem

This little scanner is worth every penny. I easily updated it (with no experience with scanners). Keep in mind the update software appears to work on windows only. It diagnosed my car quickly and give a readout of the problem. It seems like a high quality little box. I have carried it to work a diagnosed a friend’s car with 100% success. Only thing I wish is it came with a case. However I imagine I can get something pretty cheap to put it in.

The codes pop up with a brief description so there’s no mystery to what it is reading out

I love this scanner!!! I don’t even remember what I paid for it, but, it was worth every penny. I have two vehicles that I have had to do considerable amounts of work to, and the scanner has helped me along the way.

Beyond the OBDII readings it gives you on screen, you can actually connect the scanner to a computer and print out the results.

Functionality is moderately simple, but the truth is, if you’re buying one of these it’s not because you haven’t seen one operated before or used one yourself. The codes pop up in bright LED backlit letters with a brief description so there’s no mystery to what it is reading out.

Stop going to AutoZone and letting them test your vehicle for free, not give you a report and pressure you into buying replacements parts right then and there. Get the scanner and make the decisions and have the results for yourself. Empower yourself, dummies!!

Easy to use and so helpful

This is the first OBD scanner I have owned. I bought it yesterday to check my daughter’s car. Her Check Engine light was on. And the car is very important for her livelihood – but she is also on a tight budget. Rather than running off to a garage I thought it would be good to know just what was happening. (Oh – and I’ve wanted one of these for years. Not that that had anything to do with it 😉 )

This unit was easy to use. Found a misfire on cylinder 3. We pulled the spark plug. Tightened and cleaned the aging gap (and ordered new plugs!). Cleared the code. Checked again. And she’s good to go until we can replace those plugs this weekend. Despite a few setbacks of our own making we were done in about an hour.

And yes, if google is to be believed, if the misfire had gotten bad, her driving with the check engine light on MAY have ruined her engine. So this little purchase may have saved her car.

Can read the generic codes on Saab

Great unit. It read the generic codes on my Saab, and it was easy to see and print out. In Utah you need an emissions test in the more populated counties, and the emissions feature is great. Easy to see when so the systems are ready, I also like that it shows when codes are pending and close to illumination the CEL.

I did sick one start because the disk with the software that came with the unit wouldn’t upgrade it. I went to the Foxwell website and downloaded the latest version and was able to update the unit from that software. The software isn’t the most intuitive, but if you use it for a little bit you can generally figure it out. Overall I’m happy with my unit and would recommend it.

The Pros and Cons for NT301:



Software updates easily through the internet.

No built-in battery relies solely on the car battery to function

Offers full OBD diagnostic services.

The software cannot be upgraded using Mac computers.

Easy-to-use interface that features hotkeys and LED lights.

The diagnostic scope is limited to ECU. Doesn’t cover other on-board systems like ABS airbag and oil service.

Supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Swedish.