Feedback needed: CN900 vs. Handy-Baby vs. VVDI key-tool

auto key programmer

Alright everybody here’s the situation. I keep seeing all these dirt cheap cloners all over the place, and reputable distributors are selling them. I’m getting one. Might get 3, but definitely getting 1.

For those of you with any of the 3, please give me your feedback on the tool. Pros, cons, etc. I’m always skeptical of offshore tools like these, and don’t feel like dropping $400 on a paper weight.

I appreciate your time.

The review with most reputation:

Handy Baby here and it does what it says. Have to spend an extra $80 to get id48 cloning ability, haven’t done this yet but need to soon for more coverage. You buy blue chips for it at about $5 a pop and can pretty much clone any id46 with those and a lot of stuff before those chips. It can also generate a chip with the precode to program into various makes via obd, sometimes doesn’t work though so far 1 out of 4 didn’t, the one that didn’t program was a GM circle plus transponder generate. The chips are reusable so it doesn’t hurt to try stuff out. You need a red chip to clone id48 and they are a bit more than the blue ones.

VVDI Key tool is new guy and is getting good reviews and I’m not sure if it generates chips ready for obd programming like handy baby, if that’s useful to you. Cane clone remotes too apparently but can’t get an answer from anyone who has tried this function. Does id48 as well but you can only do those if you collect whats called k coins that are credited from generating remotes, have to generate 10x remotes or something to get enough to do an id48 clone and only get 10 coins per remote. The team might sell them at some point or offer a licence for them but it’s early in it’s life cycle.

Handy Baby 2 is around the corner as well now.

Edit: Thought you were talking about KEYDIY KD-X2 and not VVDI, got them mixed up. KD-X2 is the newest Asia Cloner. VVDI is mostly for remote generation I think like KD900, maybe it can clone now that it’s been out for a while, not sure.