Feedback on VVDI MB W204 W207 All Key Lost

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Feedback on VVDI MB W204 W207 All Key Lost

vvdi mb bga tool and Mercedes w204 all key lost:

Last month i bought the item Xhorse VVDI MB BGA TooL 2.0.8 version from the website, and met the problems, i could not make key on w204 with all key lost but failed, i contact the customers services on the website, and chat with seven, she said i can wait for the new update ,because 2.1.0 version is able to read W204 ESL correctly. So i wait about 2 weeks and when the newest version comes out, i hurry to test it. but what is a miracle, it is working, i am very happy with their good services.

Kindly Notice: W204 all key lost can only be done via vvdi mb software v2.1.0 or higher versions.

vvdi mb tool and Mercedes w207 all key lost:

i have this tool with Condor xc mini master 1 free token on the machine bought from website, – 0 paid for tokens. i have w207 with lost keys and when queering password it says i have to buy token; that is, actually i need 2 tokens for all lost keys. then i talked about this issue to xhorse shop. they confirmed this but it’s good that i can get 1 token a day for free, cause i have a condor key cutting machine.

Kindly Notice: vvdi mb all key lost needs 2 tokens (condor users can be get 1 free token every day.)