Fixed! XTOOL X100 Pro2 Key Programmer Update Problems

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Below are some problems occurred related to Xtool X100 Pro2 OBD2 Auto Key Programmer software upgrade. offers the recommended solutions for your reference.

Problem 1:
I tried xtool x100 pro2 key programmer on 2007 Benz w211, 2000 Audi A4 B5, 2001 Audi A4 B5, 2014 Benz w204 and 2015 Fiat 500 for mileage adjustment. All failed.


The software version isn’t the latest. Please upgrade the device software to the latest version.
Details about how to update Xtool X100 Pro could be found via:

Problem 2:
I failed to update the x100 pro. When I plugged the tool to my computer via USB cable, the connection wasn’t working, showing “Waiting for device plugging…”.


Change to SD connection instead of USB cable. Take out the SD from the device and insert it into the computer. Then try again.

Problem 3:
I had updated the software from V3.0 to V4.0. When I connected it to the car, it showed “Loading”, but then the screen turned blank and couldn’t work (IMMO, OBD2, Dash Board, Eeprom etc).



Change to SD connection. But you should format the card before re-upgrading.