Foxwell NT530 Multi-system Scanner Latest FAQs & Reviews

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Foxwell NT530 multi-system scanner delivers OE-level diagnosis for various car brands and supports the most commonly required service and coding features like steering angle sensor (SAS) calibration, DPF regeneration, ABS bleeding, BCM/SIR setup, etc. It’s also one of our best-selling products used by automobile professionals or mechanics who work on BMW and other vehicles, as well as DIYers.‘s professional team always offers timely help as long as our customers need it. Here I’ve collected some latest problems they encountered with NT530 (mainly about its supported makes/models/functions) and share answers from our engineers for your reference.

About BMW cars:
Q: Does nt530 support all BMW vehicles? Can it work on 2009 BMW X3 for DPF regeneration and comfort settings changing?
A: 1). It only works with BMW cars produced before 2019.
2). DPF regeneration is supported, while it can’t change comfort settings for the 2009 BMW X3.

Q: The parking function for my BMW e60 2004 failed to work. Can NT530 diagnose whether the sensor is bad or the module is bad?
A: It can diagnose if the sensor is bad, but if the module is bad, actually the device is unable to communicate with the ECU. You should check the circuit first. If it works well, then maybe the module is broken.

Q: Can NT530 do DCS ventilation (ABS auto bleeding) on BMW F10/11?
A: yes, it can.

Q: Can Foxwell nt530 work on 2019 BMW 540i for brakes bleeding, battery register, and active testing?
A: I’m afraid not. It only supports basic functions for BMW cars produced after 2018.

Q: I’m wondering if NT530 supports Bmw X5 2002 323i 1999 and Mercedes E320 2003 to perform ABS, SRS, DPF, and TPMS functions?
A: It supports Mercedes E320 2003, but BMW X5 2002 323i seems to belong to a gasoline car, so it can’t perform DPF for it.

About other cars:
Q: I want to do the following functions for my Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin 1.8GDi 120ps 1999y. Any recommended tools?
Read trouble codes
Check engine control
Engine regulation option
A: It depends on what you need. If you’d like to do basic functions, NT680 is enough. If you want full functions supported, then choose NT530.

Q: My car model is Mitsubishi MUTT protocol 2003 3.2 Pajero. Does NT530 support it?
A: There’re no vehicle selections on the menu for Mitsubishi cars produced before 2005. They’re scanned based on their system. Enter Mitsubishi–Manual Selection–Up to 2005MY–Quick Scan.

Q: Can this tool be input new injector compensation codes, and perform a driver-learning function on 2012 Toyota Prado 3.0L Diesel in Australia?
A: Yes, it can.

Q: Does NT530 support Toyota Avensis?
A: Yes, it supports Toyota Avensis cars produced before 2018.

Q: Can NT530 perform throttle position sensor reset on a 2007 Honda Odyssey?
A: Yes.
Q: Does NT530 support 2019 911 Porsche Carerra 991.2? I want to reset oil and battery.
A: Sorry, it can’t support yet.

Q: Is able to work on the 2007 Ford Lincon Navigator for diagnosing engine, driver, tire, ABS, ECU, live data, and other programs?
A: All are supported except the tire system.

Q: I don’t find my car neither in the Abarth vehicles list nor in the Fiat list on the device. Fiat 124 Spider seems not being in the list too…
A: Sorry, NT530 can’t support Abarth 124 Spider. It’s made in 2019.

Q: Any suggestions on tools suitable for resetting throttle and TPMS on Nissan Murano 2010?
A: NT530 can only perform throttle reset, while failing to support the TPMS system.

Q: Can I use nt530 to retrieve data on the history of cylinder misfires (Aston Martin 2004 DB9)?
A: Yes, it can do that.

Q: Can it work on 1998 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 (10P) for remote central locking keys programming?
A: It supports this model, but can’t perform this function.

Q: While working on my Jaguar x-type 2009 by NT530, the device popped up a prompt “DSC FAULT”. The scanner did not pick up any fault but I have the warning “DSC FAULT” showing on my dash display…
A: The prompt didn’t come from the device, but from the car’s dash. Please operate as following orders: Jaguar–SmartVIN–Duratorq TDCi.2.2L engine–Not Fitted–Diagnosis–Quick Scan. After the scanning, check whether you can see the trouble data.

Q: Does NT530 support DPF reading and regeneration for Vauxhall zafira B 2008?
A: Yes, it supports.

Q: Can it work on the following car models for diagnostic scan and DPF, ABS and SRS?
Vauxhall zafira B 2008
Vauxhall vectra c 2008
A: Both are supported.

Foxwell NT530 Reviews:
 Because of recent issues with airbag light, I thought I’m not paying for diagnosis and reset, so ordered this from China. Amazingly came in a few days, and at 104 notes close to half price. Anyway as it says on the tin! Diagnosed the airbag light and reset and it’s stayed off, seems very good with other multiple functions. Bit difficult to register and program it (mainly due to being an idiot). But after that simple plug, it works very smoothly.



 Recently, I bought a Foxwell NT530. It won’t recognize the VIN and car for ’04 pilot, but if I enter it, it will load the pilot and read the Honda codes. But on the ’04 the amount of data is about the same as standard OBD2, which the Foxwell will report as well. Now on my ’17 Civic LX, the nt530 will read all and do all.

 NT530 does mode 06 communications and talks to all of the different computer modules. It can show live data and has functions such as abs bleed, etc.

 This nt530 reads those codes like a Professional tool. Inside the case is a quality OBD2 computer. It can reset 2004 BMW330Ci engine light, showing the usually upstream fault codes. Reads ST fuel stream an LT fuel stream in real time. So you can find those vacuum leaks. Works on 2016 Subaru, Ford 350 van a Toyota highlander. Very worth the money.

 It’s a great scanner tool! Every DIY auto mechanics should have this one, which will save your money and time. I bought this one for my BMW and really impressed by the features and abilities this small scanner can do.

 I needd to troubleshoot an airbag light on issue on my vehicle. I have two other diagnostic units that could not help with this, so I turned to the Foxwell NT530. I was able to identify the reasons for the light and to program some aspects of the SRS system. I’m very satisfied with this tool.

 NT530 arrived today. Here’s a handy video to show how to set it up and register:
When plugs it into the car, it works smoothly and without any problem.
I’m happy to help out anyone local to Glasgow if they want to read, clear codes or any other functions.
 The Foxwell works great. It’s really fast to connect, and supports multiple manufacturers. But you should buy the right software with it. That is to say, if you order a Foxwell with BMW software, that’s all it comes with. Don’t think one Foxwell does all. It doesn’t and is software specific. So order the right one!