Foxwell NT650 Update Instruction

car diagnostic tool

Steps to update Foxwell NT650:

  1. Go to the Foxwell official website:

Choose your product

Under the page, click on Download

Download FoxScanner

Update clients software


  1. Register an foxwell account and complete the related information at FoxScanner client software .
  2. Plug SD memory card into the card reader and connect with your Windows laptop or PC.
  3. Fill in the S/N number and password then you can register your machine successful.



click on ”My updates”

select the correct S/N of your product

and click on ”update”

  1. Wait and the update will be done in a few minutes

Enjoy Foxwell NT650 software!

Foxwell NT650 Overview:

Foxwell NT650 is a new and cost-effective universal diagnostic tool for technicians. With the scan tool will diagnose obdii fault codes, and clear fault codes. In addition, the mainly function of the nt650 scanner is car service reset, such as when you need bleeding the ABS brake system,or after you replace the throttle body, and other situation, the nt650 service tool will help you bleed abs brake, adapt throttle body, reset airbg, activate the brake control system, bleeding brake fluid, reset brake, ect.

FOXWELL NT650 any good?

Special Features


Foxwell NT650 can read and clear ABS and SRS codes pretty well. The former helps prevent tire skidding while the latter controls the airbag system.



EPB is used to make a vehicle standstill on the road. This scanner can read EPB codes related to the electronic brake system. It lets you perform the maintenance of the brake system, activates/deactivate it, open/close brake pads, etc.

Moreover, it can also read and help clear SBC codes. These codes point towards a fault in the brake system and can help you understand it better.



Foxwell NT650 is capable of reading plenty of ECU related codes such as engine misfires, fuel trim, EVAP, catalytic converter problems, oxygen sensor codes, etc.


It helps to measure the rate of turn of a steering wheel and the position angle as well.


TPMS helps to monitor the air pressure and trigger warning light as well.

Oil Service Reset

The oil service light turns on when there isn’t enough oil in the engine. This OBD scanner offers this feature as well. You can reset the light with just a single button in GM models. For others, you’ll have to do it manually.

This scanner can read the oil service code and notify you when it’s time to change the oil.



DPF allows reading exhaust system trouble codes.


Lets you register a new car battery, shows battery details, and also reads faults in the battery system.

Camshaft Gear Learning

Reads camshaft gear related codes and notifies you about sensor malfunctions that take place in the camshaft gear.

Car Service Reset

This scanner does not only diagnose obd2 trouble codes but also clears and resets them. For example, if you change the throttle body, FOXWELL NT650 will adapt it.

Other Features

Since FOXWELL NT650 can support supports all 10 test modes of obd2, it’s able to read almost all the basic codes including CEL, I/M readiness, freeze frame, manufacturer specific and permanent codes.


This obd2 scanner is capable of supporting all 1996 and newer car models that are obd2 supported.

Pick this one only if you’re comfortable with wired devices. The good thing is that the wire is reliable and long enough to offer comfort. However, those who want a mobile device may miss Bluetooth connectivity.


You’ll not have to worry about the device going kaput anytime soon as the company offers a one-year warranty on the product. The customer service is very good and you can easily get a replacement in case there are issues with the device.


Rest assured you will get the best production for years to come. The company offers free updates for lifetime. However, you cannot update it from a MAC system.

Bidirectional Ability

This is one of the few scanners out there that can perform bidirectional tests. It can run specific tests without any trouble.

With this tool, you will also offer increased security as it lets you compare the speed of wheel by sending signals through ABS motor test.

The device also lets you keep an eye on actuators and gears. This can help you prepare in advance as the device can warn you in case something is wrong with the device.

Moreover, you can also perform lamp tests, service bleed/auto bleed test as well with this scanner.



Foxwell NT650 advantages:

  • Supports basic as well as advanced diagnostics
  • Can record and playback live sensor data
  • Displays both Mode 6 and freeze frame data
  • Well-built with an ergonomic design that’s comfortable in a hand
  • User-friendly interface that’s intuitive
  • Comes with free lifelong software updates

Foxwell NT650 disadvantages:

  • Not compatible with Mac systems. only works on Windows
  • Doesn’t cover transmission diagnostics
  • Some functions don’t work on some vehicle brands