Free download Condor XC Mini driver software 5.2.1 to update

key cutting machine

(01.2019) Free download Condor XC-Mini driver software (929 KB)!pXJCDa6Q!h0RISkJFNqYsRFfcz_jc3Nu36vXL76oC1jiMSGp0iHk

Xhorse Update Kit .rar (15.2 MB)!DpRU0TKJ!rKQ0OhT8RMyIh6y-3dIO_3dRQhhmGtrTuwtOUDG7uF0


condor xc mini updating

The newest version is 5.2.1

condor xc mini update tips and guides:

Make sure that you have internet connection.

If needed, turn of virus scan and firewall.

Run program as administrator.

Turn on Condor.

Connect usb.

Press Synchronize.

This will activate the Condor.

Then press update,

Then update online,

Or choose update offline, and load the v5.2.1 file from your computer.

The update will take about 20 minutes.

condor xc mini price: $2999

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condor xc-mini automatic cutter: (2.0mm Milling Cutter)


condor xc mini manual:


condor mini plus: (someone calls it condor xc mini 2 also)


condor xc-002: