Generate and program Peugeot 207 year 2006 with Vvdi key tool and Key master DP Plus

auto key programmer

This is the guide on how to use Xhorse Vvdi key tool and OBDSTAR Key master DP Plus to generate and program Peugeot 207 year 2006.


  1. Generate with vvdi XN wireless remote


  1. Normally XN wireless come with chip 47(original remote chip 46)
  2. connect Xhorse application via Bluetooth


  1. peugeot→0523 ASK 3Btn 1492 433 ASK→ generate


  1. Generate success
  2. Disconnect Xhorse application
  3. After generated now XN chip change from 47 to 46


Program remote with Key master DP Plus

  1. Find pincode

peugeot→ version 32.22→ peugeot→ read security code

All keys lost→ BSI/ BCM→auto identify→read pincode    

  1. Press hazard light


  1. open driver door and close
  2. Data reading…

system logging…

Eeprom reading…

6-Generate-and-program-Peugeot-207-year-2006 7-Generate-and-program-Peugeot-207-year-2006 8-Generate-and-program-Peugeot-207-year-2006 9-Generate-and-program-Peugeot-207-year-2006

  1. Find pincode success→press back to main menu

 Program key

  1. peugeot→choose from car→ 207→ Europe
  2. All keys will be deleted, press “enter”to next
  3. Fill the pincode: VJQB


  1. Turn off and take key out
  2. Fill amount of keys to program(Max 5 pcs)


  1. Turn ignition off, insert 1 st key and turn on within 15 second


  1. Program success, turn off and pull 1 st key out
  2. Program 2 nd key according to the 1 st key
  3. Test start engine: start engine ok
  4. Remote synchronize→turn on and press remote→ remote function ok