How many Mongoose Pro cables do you have?

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Here are genuine Mongoose Pro cables availble.

mangoose-pro-cable  mangoose-pro-cables-1 mangoose-pro-cables-2

Mongoose Pro cable look:

Mongoose Pro Capabilities

Below is a table of the capabilities that the manufacturer’s service subscriptions provide with your Mongoose Pro:


Note: GM, Toyota, VW and Jaguar/Land Rover provide dealer level capability through J2534.

Maximum Vehicle Voltage per Mongoose Product


Mongoose Variants:

Currently there are several variations of the Mongoose Pro J2534 device:

Mongoose Pro vehicle connector pin assignments:


  • PS GND = Pin Switched to Ground
  • PS 5V = Pin switched to +5V

Link to a genuine mongoose DrewTech:

Link to a decent mangoose cable china clone: