How to cancel XENTRY update notification

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This helps to stop annoying XENTRY update notification

  1. disturbing xentryupdate notification


    xentryupdate is trying to download the latest Release at…releases2/

    and it can’t find that file.

    xentry update then refreshes and repeats the process and sends the notification above.


    while waiting daimler fix the availability of that file, or change to the correct address to download it,

    you can turn off the disturbing notification file so that it doesn’t disturb while you work.

    c:\program files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz Software\XentryUpdateServiceLight\notifications\startReadReleaseFile.xml


    c:\program files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz Software\XentryUpdateServiceLight\notifications\startReadReleaseFilexxx.xml

    i have tried it and q.e.d.

    it doesn’t do any harm other than not give the console info regarding new releases.

    2. addons installer
    do you know that addons auto-download and auto-installation lefts its installer here:
    c:\program files (x86)\Mercedes-Benz\SetupCache?

    after finishing xentry installation, delete all files in this folder. and update addons.
    then, in this folder contains all addons installer setup only.
    you can learn what each addons does.

FYI, This is XENTRY/WAS without disturbing update info: