How to communite with ECU and DAS Xentry Vediamo without vehicle

car diagnostic tool

Look here: how to create communication between ECU and DAS/Xentry/Vediamo without vehicle

Using SD connect C4 multiplexer

Communication with Vediamo:

I try Vediamo with some ECU’s without car and the function was without any problem, 120 Ω resistor and +12V and GND for the ECU and 100% OK
the ECU must have the same power line as in the car, not enough everytime only +12V and GND, some ECU need power signal from igniton switch like 15-line ! or have multiple +12V power as for example engine ECU !
i try it before with one resistor 100 Ω, because i haven’t exactly 120 Ω value and this was 50/50, the function was bad…the resistor must be exactly 120 Ω, without any tolerance !!! Be careful


Communication with DAS/Xentry :

DAS/Xentry is not factored for the same playing as Vediamo…then you can’t await the same function…

That is, ECU without car is not possible, because DAS/Xentry read first information about the car from ZGW, CGW….VIN and other info