How to get bitting code with SEC-E9 key cutting machine

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There are three options to read get bitting code (also named key code) using SEC-E9 automatic key cutting machine.

What is bitting code?

The bitting code is the translated blind code which the locksmith actually uses to cut each blank key. Example: padlock blind code W123 translates to bitting code 25313, to which the locksmith would cut the key with his code machine by setting it to 25313.

What is SEC-E9 key cutting machine?

SEC-E9 Key Cutting Machine is used for cutting car keys and household keys. It covers cylinder and laser keys with adapters for other key styles.

SEC-E9 portable metal desktop air cooling fully automatic smart key cutting machine is able to cut standard keys and high security keys, such as BMW, VW, HONDA, OPEL,etc, SEC-E9 also supports to cut house keys, including dimple keys, tubular keys, single standard keys and motorcycle keys. Ford Tibbe keys and LDV keys are available to cut. SEC-E9 is a good choice for locksmith since you do not need to buy other small key cutting machines for house keys, just need to buy the corresponding clamps for different key types. Moreover, SEC-E9 can cut a new key without original key. It is the main difference from the traditional manual key cutting machine.

How to get key code using SEC-E9 key cutter?

Option 1: decoding the original key


Tab “decide” to enter the decoding page

Select the most right blue icon as sense key location and “round of”

sec-e9-toyota-toy43-9 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-10 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-11 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-12

Check the original key can open the cylinder

Fix the original key on the top level of the clamp

Please pay attention to the key position


Tab “decode” to start decoding the original key and get the bitting code

sec-e9-toyota-toy43-14 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-18

Option 2: search key code

This is the key code for a Toyota Camry key


Tab “code” and input “5-5-0-6-2” to get the bitting code

sec-e9-toyota-toy43-16 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-17 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-19


Option 3: input bitting code directly

Tab “Input” and input bitting code you get from other ways, such as A cylinder, Lishi tool or InstaCode, etc.

sec-e9-toyota-toy43-20 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-21 sec-e9-toyota-toy43-22

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