How to get Vediamo to work with VAS5054A

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Tips and guide: Vediamo working with vas5045a head – how to set up

  1. try vediamo 4.02.02. it has setting for passthru.
  2. try vas5054a x64bit driver. there are two threads regarding vas5054a in forum from two members.
  3. edit slave.ini in c:\program files (x86)\vediamo\caesar\. Change devicename to:

; ——————-; PartJ configuration; ——————-

DeviceName=”Softing – VAS5054A#082145725″

change “serial number” with your vas5054A serial number

  1. try ‘CAN’ ecu. VAS driver is not fixed yet for k-line ecu.
  2. good luck and enjoy the experimental and educational journey.

Good to know: vas 5054a also can work with xentry


I Have USED Clone VAS5054 w/OKI on 211/203/204 Body styles can be viewed, things can be activated, error codes was able to clear, adaptation was able to be completed, VIN was read, cars was identified

C203 2003:

I am testing Xentry Passthru 12.2017 with VAS5054 on C203 2003. everything works without problem.  on line k too.

2006 CLS55 AMG, 2007 R Class, 2008 Sprinter:

I used my VAS5054a with the 2006 Mercedes CLS55 AMG, 2007 R Class, 2008 Sprinter, all in DAS.  Everything worked except the ignition detection.

C 250 2014

I used VAS5054a with C 250 2014 using Xentry, everything works fine, no sense of ignition, but Xentry gives you a check box to manually select.

2006 for Mercedes:
I have not tried more than 2006 for Mercedes, but I’m sure the limit is in software / drivers.