How to install GM Tech2Win software for SPS

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This is a step by step guide where you can learn how to install for GM Tech2.

Before doing that, you should guarantee you have already completed the registration and subscription requirements.

Let’ s start at the AC delco TDS login screen, accept the terms and conditions scroll, click “accept” and “continue” back to the main menu,click on “service programming information” 

2-How-to-install-GM-Tech2Win-software-for-SPS 1-How-to-install-GM-Tech2Win-software-for-SPS

Select the subscription you purchased

3-How-to-install-GM-Tech2Win-software-for-SPS 4-How-to-install-GM-Tech2Win-software-for-SPS

Cilck on software download(swdl), and start software download

5-How-to-install-GM-Tech2Win-software-for-SPS 6-How-to-install-GM-Tech2Win-software-for-SPS 7-How-to-install-GM-Tech2Win-software-for-SPS

Cick on install- next – next-install- finish

Note the installation summary, the software has been installed successfully and click ok


Return to desktop, double click on the QuickStart

Click on custom and next


Now it is come to an application we have to select

double click on the 33.001-32MB, choose English and click select- download

10-How-to-install-GM-Tech2Win-software-for-SPS 11-How-to-install-GM-Tech2Win-software-for-SPS

Now that you have set up the Tech2Win software in your computer.