How to Install Scania Multi 2019.05 Software

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Scania Multi 2019.05, a software offering spare parts catalogue & service information for Scania, contains information on spare parts, workshop operations, time required and necessary instructions, and the information is structured according to the specific needs of each user category, which will save you a lot of time.

How to install the software? You can visit the full video by yourself or just check the simple steps below.

Step 1:
Install DVD 0.
1). Insert DVD 0, click on DVD RW Drive (E:) Multi 6.0.
2). Accept the license agreement.
3). Follow up the instructions to complete the first stage of installation.


Step 2:
Install DVD 1.
1). Remove DVD 0 and insert DVD 1, then click on Run Setup.Exe
2). Accept the license agreement and continue the installation of DVD 1 with step-by-step instructions.
3). DVD1 is installed successfully. Close the dialogue.

Step 3:
Install DVD 2.
1). Remove DVD 1 and insert DVD 2, then click on Run Setup.Exe.
2). Accept the license agreement and continue in accordance with instructions
3). DVD 2 is installed successfully. Close the dialogue.

Step 4:
Install DVD 3.
1). Remove DVD 2 and insert DVD Illustrations (DVD 3), then click on Run Setup.Exe.
2). Accept the license agreement to continue.
3). DVD 3 is installed successfully. Now we’ve completed the whole installation process.

Step 5:
Open the Multi software, and you’ll see a prompt. Just adjust the computer date accordingly.


Step 6:
Open the software. Select the language you desire.


Step 7:
Close Multi and restart it.

Step 8:
Select a vehicle/engine type, click on search, then select “02 Cooling system” → “Spare parts”, where you can see the relevant info you need.