How to install Techstream 12.20.024 on Windows 10

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Topic: Techstream 12.20.024 Windows 10: Confirmed!

Just got my cable today (ordered this one for $16) and did not have a CD/DVD drive in any laptop, so I thought I was screwed. However, I d/l an even newer version of Techstream 12.20.024, from this link and followed the directions in the OP in this thread. I did it on Windows 10 and there were a few hiccups.

1) There was no Firmwearupdatetool.exe so I had to skip that step.

2) The names of the devices were not the same. I found “Universal Serial Converter” under the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” heading and “USB Serial Port” under “Ports (COM & LPT)” and made sure it was COM4 (use the advanced button under port setting of the properties to change it. I tried to do the update driver on each and point to the xhorse directory, but both said the current driver was newer.

3) I did do the registry update/merge and once I did that it worked.

4) As to the key, there is a txt file that has the key in it that you have to use to activate it. (Instructions.txt)

I connected my 2012 Camry as it sit the newest Toyota we have and TEchstream worked flawlessly. For reference, the DLC3 cable diagnostic showed only K and L as red, while all the rest, including CAN-L and CAN-H as green. So, no ECU flashing. Still trying to figure out what the K line does.

So, I can confirm that it DOES work in Win 10, you just need to “wiggle it a bit” to make it work. 🙂