How to install VAS5054A PassThru Driver for Xentry Windows 10 x64

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Topic: VAS5054A PassThru Driver for Xentry PassThru on Windows 10 x64

Xentry PassThru needs to be installed on Windows x64 to support new models, such as Euro5/6, W205, W213, W222 … However, VAS5054A didn’t work on 64bits as passthru. There was 64bits device driver for VAS5054A but there was no PassThru driver working on 64bits.

This is a 64bit device drivers along with a patched PassThru API files working on Windows 10 x64. Xentry recognizes it and works with W205 (confirmed), etc.

WARNING: Use it on your own risk, only for test purpose.

What you need:

(1) VAS5054A hardware.
(2) (option) VAS5054A EDIC_PDU_API 1.20.4x driver installation file. You can find it somewhere on this forum (see below).
(3) (option) New firmware. The firmware included here is version 1.20.41 for better compatibility, not 1.20.42.
(4) (attached here)
(5) 64bit Windows 10
(6) (option) DC 12V 1A power adapter, 2 jumper wires for temporary power.

Pre Installation:

(1) Install Xentry PassThru and all patches.
(2) (option) Install EDIC_PDU_API 1_20_42 driver (or EDIC_PDU_API 1_20_41). It’s for installing .NET framework or VC++ redistribution files.  

If you are going to do clean install on fresh Windows 10, you might want to install the EDIC_PDU_API driver. It installs .NET framework, VC++ files, some EDIC DLLs on /Windows/System32 or SysWow64. Other files will be overwritten by the following manual installation. If you don’t know where to find it, one version is!Q9QGQYaQ!CrilUUH-IS8QJqoWPfVkHeYai8C6QxX3EB8j_Ta4Uz8 (your own risk).


(1) Copy “Program Files (x86)\Softing\*” to your HDD “C:\Program Files (x86)\Softing\*”
(2) Copy “Program Data\D-PDU API” to your HDD “C:\Program Data\D-PDU API”.
(3) Double click on “Softing_VAS5054A_PassThru_1_20_042.reg” and install it.
(4) Make a shortcut of “SftngCM.exe” on Desktop. 
(5) Right click on “C:\Program Files (x86)\Softing\EdicDriver\win7\softingedic7_ntamd64.inf” and install.
(6) Connect the VAS5054A hardware using an USB cable. Connect it to a temporary power(12V DC adapter) or OBD-2 port of your vehicle.
(7) Check “Control Panel/Devices Manager/Softing…”. If it’s not installed correctly, update the device driver manually.
(8) Make a shortcut of “EDICConfig.exe” on Desktop.
(9) (option) If you have newer version than EDIC_PDU_API 1_20_42 driver and genuine VAS5054A hardware, you may install the API driver now.

Post Installation:

(1) Connect the VAS5054a to a temporary power(12V DC adapter) or ODB-2 port of your vehicle.
(2) Run “SftngCM.exe” on desktop as administrator. Make a “C:\Temp” directory if not exists. This is for saving log files. If not exists, SftingCM.exe will cause error when doing test.
(3) Choose “VAS5054A” and type the serial number (maybe 0821xxxxx).
(4) Select “Test” and click on “Start Test”. 
    – RED dot : PC <-> VAS5054A does not communicate. Something wrong on your driver.
    – YELLOW dot : PC <-> VAS5054A communicates.
    – GREEN dot : PC <-> VAS5054A <-> Vehicle communicates.


(1) “.NET Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5” needs to be installed if not installed automatically. You can install it by selecting on “Control Panel/Programs and Features/Turn Windows features on or off/.NET Framework 3.5(includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)”. You also need to install VC++ redistributions if not done yet. (MSVCR100.dll, mfc100.dll, … errors)

(2) Temporary power to VAS5054A for test purpose : Ground to either pin 4 or 5. 12V DC to pin 16. 

(3) You can upgrade the EDICDriver in “Program Files (x86)\Softing\EDICDriver” if you have newer version. Update the device driver on control panel.

(4) If you installed newer version EDIC_PDU_API driver than 1.20.42, edit the *.reg and change the number 1_20_42 to your number (for example, “EDIC_D_PDU_API_1_20_042” to “EDIC_D_PDU_API_1_20_0XX”). After editing, double click on it and install it again. 

(5) If your device has different serial number but SftngCM.exe doesn’t allow the change, edit the *.reg file with text editor, double click on it and install it again. 

Note: How to set up bluetooth connection for VAS5054a

1.Pairing device and assign for COMport from windows.
   (note. Device need disconnect via USB when pairing device)
2.Run “EDIC Hardware Installation.exe” and ADD device.
(see picture)
3.Run “EDIC Configuration Manager.exe” and confirm assigned COM port in bluetooth.
(see picture)

4.Run “SftngCM.exe” and connection test. So green signal is OK.

Again, it’s on your own risk! No one holds any responsibility of it.

For sake of security, you’re advised to use Xentry with sd connect c4 mux and odis with vas5054a head.

I’m hoping that this will be helpful. 

(Credits to medianjoe)