How to set up Inpa/Tool32 Windows 7 for the old yellow Dis/GT1 interface

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Is it possible to use Inpa/Tool32 on Windows 7 with the old yellow Dis/GT1 interface?
I would like to try to pair a used E31 Ekm – Kombi using tool32 however Icom and usb cables cannot communicate to the Ekm. GT1 communicates fine.

The answer is: yes, it is possible.

Here are tips might help you out! Thanks for all input.

Tip 1: Ediabas version

GT1 (Disv57) doesn’t support Ediabas 7 and above. The highest you can go is version 6.4.3.

Tip 2: EDIABAS folder name

Make sure you have correct EDIABAS folder named.
You will notice that in C: you have two folders. EDIABAS & EDIABAS1. You have these two folders because the files in the EDIABAS folder are updated versions and will work with NCSexpert, INPA, WinKFP. The files in the EDIABAS1 folder will work with DIS & SSS PROGMAN. Which ever set of programs you want to work, that folder needs to have the EDIABAS name. So to use the DIS & Progman do this:

Rename :

If you want to use the NCSexpert, INPA, WinKFP then:

Keep Original file names, thus if you changed them to use DIS, change them back to original, for example:

Rename to orignial:

*For DIS, you need to use ‘ifhsrv32’ from EDIABAS1/bin (Not: EDIABAS), because otherwise it will not pass the API test in DI

Tip 3: ediabas mconfiguration

The setting is the same opps base.

configure ediabas 

– Interface to “REMOTE”
– Remote IP address to “192.168.68.xx” ( IP of the yellow head, if I remember correctly )
– Remote Port to 6801


TCP/IP Configuration
;================================================= ============================

; RemoteHost
; Description : server address/name
; Default = diaghead
RemoteHost = 192.168.68.xx

; Port
; Description : IP communication port
; Value : 1000 < port < 30000
; Default =
Port = 6801

it was also used diahead, but I do not know where to download it, .. and not if it was indispensable, .. it’s been a long time since I used GT1