How to turn off hardware check in ISTA software?

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Does someone know how to turn off Hardware check in ista?

You need to import this reg, it fools ISTA into thinking its using IMIB R2, will show in ISTA log as follows:-

App.CheckSystemRequirements – System uses CPU i7-2610UE (IMIB R2). System requirement check skipped.

Rename from .txt to .reg, you will need to re-import after machine reboot, if you need it all the time, put into a batch file which runs at system startup.

Bypass ISTA Requirements Check:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


“ProcessorNameString”=”Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2610UE CPU @ 4.00GHz”

That is not a script, it’s an extract of the code which shows how the reg file above will bypass the ISTA checks.


private Dictionary<InsufficientSystemRequirement, int[]> CheckSystemRequirements(bool isProgammingEnabled)
            Dictionary<InsufficientSystemRequirement, int[]> dictionary = new Dictionary<InsufficientSystemRequirement, int[]>();
            string str = Registry.GetValue(@”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0″, “ProcessorNameString”, string.Empty) as string;
            if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(str) && str.Contains(“i7-2610UE”))
                Log.Info(“App.CheckSystemRequirements”, “System uses CPU i7-2610UE (IMIB R2). System requirement check skipped.”, Array.Empty<object>());
                return dictionary;
            int num8 = isProgammingEnabled ? 0xed8 : 0xaf0;
            int num5 = 0x866;
            int num7 = 2;
            int num3 = 150;
            int memoryCapacityInMBytes = GetMemoryCapacityInMBytes();
            int num4 = (int) Registry.GetValue(@”HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\HARDWARE\DESCRIPTION\System\CentralProcessor\0″, “~MHz”, 0);
            int processorCount = Environment.ProcessorCount;
            int totalSizeOfHddInGBytes = this.GetTotalSizeOfHddInGBytes();
            if (memoryCapacityInMBytes < num8)
                object[] args = new object[] { num8, memoryCapacityInMBytes };
                Log.Warning(“MainWindowViewModel.CheckSystemRequirements”, “Using ISTA functionality requires at least {0} MBytes of physical memory. System provide only {1} MBytes.”, args);
                int[] numArray1 = new int[] { memoryCapacityInMBytes, num8 };
                dictionary.Add(InsufficientSystemRequirement.MemorySize, numArray1);
            if ((num4 < num5) || (processorCount < num7))
                object[] objArray2 = new object[] { num5, num4 };
                Log.Warning(“MainWindowViewModel.CheckSystemRequirements”, “Using ISTA functionality requires at least {0} MHz per CPU. System provide only {1} MHz.”, objArray2);
                int[] numArray2 = new int[] { num4, num5 };
                dictionary.Add(InsufficientSystemRequirement.CpuFrequency, numArray2);
                object[] objArray3 = new object[] { num7, processorCount };
                Log.Warning(“MainWindowViewModel.CheckSystemRequirements”, “Using ISTA functionality requires at least {0} CPUs. System provide only {1} CPU.”, objArray3);
                int[] numArray3 = new int[] { processorCount, num7 };
                dictionary.Add(InsufficientSystemRequirement.CpuCore, numArray3);
            if (totalSizeOfHddInGBytes < num3)
                object[] objArray4 = new object[] { num3, totalSizeOfHddInGBytes };
                Log.Warning(“MainWindowViewModel.CheckSystemRequirements”, “Using ISTA functionality requires at least {0} GBytes available disk space. System provide only {1} GBytes.”, objArray4);
                int[] numArray4 = new int[] { totalSizeOfHddInGBytes, num3 };
                dictionary.Add(InsufficientSystemRequirement.HddSize, numArray4);
            return dictionary;


You can’t turn it off via some config parameter, rather download the modified ISTA provided by our local trusted members in forums like

Most ISTA versions in this forum have HW version check turned off. It helps once in a while to read threads

But if your question is how do those guys do it, trust me, it requires a lot of knowledge in many areas , and if we say we have to k#ll you