How to update GDS VCI for Kia / Hyundai Firmware

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Bought GDS VCI for Kia / Hyundai from in 2017, the version is 2.02,now i notice it is 2.20 in website, how do i update teh hardware?

Here is the method to solve.

click configuration



 GDS VCI for KIA & HYUNDAI with Trigger Module Flight Record Function

Buy it for 10 reasons:

1. With Trigger Module, Flight Record Function
2. Two Color to choose: Red and Blue (Only color difference, functions are the same, and blue color is available in USA warehouse stock)
3. Firmware V2.20 Software Hyundai V19, kia v12
4. Update by CD, Language: English,
5. GDS VCI Vehicles Coverage : 1996-2017 some new car models for Hyundai Kia 
For Kia, it can be supported till 2014.
For Hyundai, it can be supported till 2017.
6.Operating System: Windows XP/Windows 7
7. Package come with USB Dongle, software installation more convenient
8.Wanted to checked the supported car list for hyundai? click this video
9. How to install GDS VCI Hyundai V19 video
10.How to install GDS VCI Kia V12 video