How to update Lonsdor K518ise KPROG-2 adapter kernel

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Upgrade process for Lonsdor K518ise KPROG-2 adapter kernel:

After the APK of lonsdor K518ise device is upgraded to V1. 6.0 version, the adapter requires to

be installed new kernel beforehand. Please refer to below operations

Step 1: Connect the device to the specified adapter and plug in 12V power, as shown



Step 2: Start up the device, and input password to enter home screen. Click”Update

firmware “button in below red box


Step 3: The following interface appears, click”Install Adapter”in below red box.


Step 4: It skips to the below interface, click”OK” to continue.


Steo 5: It skips to below interface. You will see the progress indicator moving

rightwards. When downloading is completed, click OK”and exit. The adapter kernel

is installed successfully.


Part1: How to Bind Lonsdor K518ISE KPROG Adapter

The Lonsdor K518ISE KPROG adapter is specialized for part of Volvo car series and the new Maserati

for the time being, the more car models supported will keep updating.  And the KPROG adapter must be bound to K518ISE before using, So how to blind K518ise KPROG adapter? Please follow the 5 steps below:

Step 1. Connect adapter to K518ISE with mainline

Step 2. Connect K518ISE with 12V power supply

Step 3. Enter into “Setting”

Step 4. Click “Bind adapter”

Step 5. Click “OK” to complete

Original:How to update Lonsdor K518ise KPROG2 adapter kernel

 Original:How to update Lonsdor K518ise KPROG2 adapter kernel