How to update MB SD C4/MB SD C5 Hardware?

car diagnostic tool

mb sd c4 plus/mb sd c5 met such error and can not communicate with car, how to solve?

it seems the main unit lack the program file, and you need to update the hardware.

Follow this method to make it work.



Find the files here::

 Path 1: C: \ Program Files \ Mercedes-Benz \ SDConnect Toolkit
 Path 2: C: \ Program Files \ Softing \ Diagnostic Tool Set 8 \ 8.03 \ Interfaces \ DCDI_DPduApi \ eCOM_Toolkit

1 2

◆ Change The three file named update_automaticx, update_manualx, and update_specicalx under path 1 and path 2 to update_automatic, update_manual, and update_specical (remove the x letter at the end of the file name), and see the figure 3 and figure 4 below.

3 4

◆ After changing the file name, the computer restarts

◆ MB SD C4 and MB SD C5 should be equipped with 6 AA batteries (see steps 1 pdf for details)

[SP100-ES MB SD C4 PLUS hardware upgrade can be installed without batteries]


◆ Obd main line needs to pick up the car or 12v power supply

Right-click on the lower right corner of the computer, select administration, and then select Software update


Mainly upgrade three files, as shown below, upgrade order 02》 01 ——》 03

 then it can work again: