How to use Condor Dolphin XP-005 cut Toyota TOY40 Thin Key?

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This post guide you How to use Xhorse Condor Dolphin XP-005 Cut Toyota TOY40 Thin Key step by step.

Put the shim under the key blade, then fasten the clamp.(if you put it directly on the clamp, key decode will fail)


Choose “Cut” by bitting in the Xhorse App, input TOY 40, choose Silca- TOY 40, enter into 6-6 bitting type

2-How-to-use-Condor-Dolphin-XP-005-cut-Toyota-TOY40-Thin-Key 3-How-to-use-Condor-Dolphin-XP-005-cut-Toyota-TOY40-Thin-Key

Use M2 clamp with A side, click key decode, start key decode process, if without paper or shim, it will fail to decode this type key.

4-How-to-use-Condor-Dolphin-XP-005-cut-Toyota-TOY40-Thin-Key 5-How-to-use-Condor-Dolphin-XP-005-cut-Toyota-TOY40-Thin-Key

 Decode ok