How to Use Foxwell NT510 Scanner Perform Radio Coding

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this is the mthod to use foxwell nt510 scanner to perform radio coding. check the details:
There is a Digital Radio section:


But I did not see any coding options available, just go to read codes


There is, though, another Radio section:


In here there are options for Coding and Adaptation:


Software coding


There does not seem to be any documented codes, but if you are aware of what you need to do, it is available:


FYI… When you access the Radio systems, the radio screen looks like this:

Also, it’s a good idea to mute the radio when you do this or it may scare the tar out of you when it resets.

Top 3 Reasons to Get Foxwell NT510:
1.Update: All life free update online.
2.NT510 will be shipped with one car software and OBDII package, and users are allowed to buy extra car software(each software cost 100usd) when necessary(up to five car software). Technicians will just have to pay for what they really need, which will greatly reduce their costs.
Available brands are Chrysler,GM, Honda, Accura, Kia, Toyota,Lexus, Sicon, Land Rover, Jaguar, OPEL, Vauxhall, VW, AUDI, Seat, Skoda and more.
3.Support  oil service light reset, throttle body adjustment, DPF regeneration and much more.