How to use ODIS for component unlock on VW/Audi

car diagnostic tool

Volkswagen & Audi introduced component lock (anti-theft/immobilizer) function to their newer transmission control modules to help fighting unauthorized swap of the control unit. If a TCU/TCM is faulty and has been replaced, a component unlock is therefore required.

Note: You don’t need to unlock the unit if you choose to clone the SW from your original unit to the new one.

Typical error messages:

  1. Contains Component protection (Component protection active)
  2. The control unit is currently associated with a VIN other than the vehicle VIN or the control unit VIN

You need the following tools to perform component unlock:

  1. VAG diagnosis tool (like VAS5054A, VAS6154) to connect to your vehicle
  2. ODISsoftware
  3. A VW/Audi account depending on the vehicle

Procedure for unlocking TCU:

  1. Run a diagnosis in your ODIS software
  2. Locate and select the entry “Component protection”
  3. Click on “Perform test…”
  4. Click on “Done/Continue”
  5. Enter the required information. (Activation number can be your own record number)
  6. Enter your VW/Audi online account credentials
  7. Click on “OK”
  8. On success, ODIS should display “The component protection base programming has been carried out successfully.”
  9. Click on “Done”
  10. Follow the instructions provided by ODIS
  11. End of your component base programming
  12. Go back to the test screen and you should see a green check mark before component protection
  13. Perform basic settings using guided functions
  14. Erase your previous fault codes
  15. You may now load your SW into the TCU if needed. If you don’t have the flash program, you may contact your Shing Hoi representative.