KTAG 7.020 what should u know?

ECU Chip Tunning

Q:Do we have a version of KTAG that can be used online?

A:KTAG Firmware 7.020, the factory says it can connect to the network

Q:The ktag option is gray. The host red light is not lit. Is it a device problem?

A:1. Need to use the software inside the cd. 2.ktag need to to connect to the power supply, only the usb connect the light will not be bright

Q:SE135-E KTAG 2.23 Read Marelli 6JO Opel corsa,this ECU model is include in the protocol, but it prompting “Connection error, check connection,feedback log file”


A:Either the software doesn’t support it, or your ktag is broken.

Q:what’s the best version for kess v2? Supported most of ECU models
A:Kess V2 Firmware V5.017 all good,the new arrival one is http://www.chinacardiags.com/wholesale/kess-v2-v5017-red-pcb-firmware-supports-online-added-140-protocol-no-token-limited-50093.html

“KTAG V7.020, KESS V2 V5.07 Wake up error Three reasons:
1. Must look at our video installation software, because some systems need to patch, if you use the software directly, you will wake up error.
2.tf card contact is not good
3. The model is not supported, you need to try another version.”

Q:Ktag v7.020 suddenly can’t display the picture of how to connect. How to deal with it

A:Remove the software and reinstall it

Q:Is the help file for ktag v2.23 and ktag v2.25 the same?

Q:Install ktag v2.23 prompt error while preparing the reading

Install-ktag-v2.23-prompt-error-while-preparing-the-reading-1 Install-ktag-v2.23-prompt-error-while-preparing-the-reading-2

A:try windows7 or xp system