Latest Tango Key Programmer Software Update !!!

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Latest Tango Key Programmer Software Update:

Tango Software v1.113

  • Again FIRST in the WORLD! 
    Toyota-G TRUE Image generator (Page1 19)*.
  • Reset Toyota SmartKey (AA)*
  • Key maker BMW K1600GTL (9S12,DSTAES)*
  • Key maker Cadillac ATS 2012- (95320,HITAG)
  • Key maker Geely Emgrand 2010- (93C56,HITAG)
  • Key maker SsangYong Action diesel (S9S12,DST80)
  • Bugs fix and optimization

Tango Software v1.112

  • Tango software added (online update)
  • Added new transponder MEGAMOS AES
  • Toyota key maker: new menu item AUTODETECT
  • Key maker Kia Sportage 2008- (MPC5xx,HITAG)
  • Key maker Hyundai Sonata 2008- (MPC5xx,HITAG)
  • Key maker Renault Fluence III 2012- (NEC850,HITAG)*
  • Key maker Renault Megane III 2012- (NEC850,HITAG)*
  • Fixed some bugs, incl. PCF7930-35

Tango Software v1.111

  • Tango software added (online update)
  • Toyota Tango Plus v6.6: added Toyota C-HR 2016-*
  • TKey maker Opel Mokka 2008- (24C16,HITAG)
  • Key maker Peugeot 607 2001- (93C66,MEG48)
  • Key maker Hyundai i30 immobox 2012- (STM8,DST80)
  • Key maker Chevrolet Equinox 2011- (24C16,HITAG)
  • Updated Tango Maker Help file

Tango Software v1.110

  • Tango software added (online update)
  • Again FIRST in the WORLD!
    SLK-05 Transponder launched! Supports Toyota’s SmartKey AES (Page1 39) emulation.
    This feature allows to start an engine, to learn new keys.
  • Again FIRST in the WORLD! TangoPlus for Toyota V6.5 True Emulation via OBD of all SmartKeys Page1 39*
    The only right conception to solve the “All Keys Lost” problem.
  • Again FIRST in the WORLD! Image generator Toyota Page1 39 on SLK-05.
    The generated transponder is fully compatible to Toyota requirements that A Customer is able to learn it via OBD.*
  • Again FIRST in the WORLD! Cloning Toyota SmartKey 128BIT (Page1 39) to SLK-05*
  • Key maker BCM2 Audi A4/A5/Q5 (95320, PCF7945AC)*
  • Key maker BCM2 Audi A4/A5/Q5 (NEC, PCF7945AC)*
  • Key maker Ford Transit 2017- (NEC, DST80) *
  • Key maker KTM 690, 990, 1190 (9S12P128, DST40)
  • Improved Toyota Certification ECU maker: compatibility for keys Page1 39
  • Improved operations with PCF7930,31,35. Now it is possible to make individual settings to each type of transponders.