lishi Two-in-one locksmith tool + SEC-E9 easily to add key

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The lishi two-in-one locksmith tool is rigorously constructed, well-manufactured, easy to carry, fast to use, and accurate in positioning. It can see the movement of each shrapnel, and the test can clearly show whether the resistance shrapnel is lifted on the scale of the 2-in-1 tool.

The part inside the keyhole is made strictly in accordance with the size of the key, making full use of the keyhole space and inserting it into the lock cylinder as a key. In this way, when the external force is applied to the lock cylinder, it can achieve effective, uniform and easy control. One end of the crowbar interspersed therein can move the shrapnel inside the lock cylinder, and the other end pointer accurately indicates the position of the shrapnel on the external scale, and the small problem inside the lock cylinder is externally enlarged. During use, the user can accurately move any shrapnel in the lock cylinder and judge the status of any shrapnel.

After unlocking, it is also possible to measure the number of springs in each tooth position so that the key can be produced without disassembling the lock.

Combo work with the car door open and read tooth, you can use the SEC-E9 CNC machine easily with key key, key thing is not all lost ~~

Follow the cool Kaijun to try Toyota Camry how to use the 2-in-1 tool + SEC-E9 with a spoon (with video).

1. Open the Toyota Camry car door lock with a lishi 2-in-1 tool;


2, Toyota TOY43 door lock 8 pieces, ignition lock 10 pieces;


3, enter the SEC-E9 CNC key machine main interface of the “data search” – “key blank search” – “manual input”, from the left third position to enter the combo tool to read the key tooth number ;



4, the flat key blank milling jig fixed to the upper layer , selected from the groupselect “velocity”, ” three-terminal targeting ” mode,Cleaning clip before cutting with hygiene, the cutting is completed, remove the key, the cleaning jig health ;



5. Missing teeth query, find the specific depth of the ignition lock: empty the first two digits, enter the known 8 digits, click on “Inquire”; try one by one from the detected tooth number, turn on the ignition lock and do it one by one. Remote matching.



6. Successfully open the door using the newly prepared car key.


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