Lonsdor K518 Update and License Service Instructions

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Lonsdor K518ISE / K518S newest update and license service, including subscribed menus year update, license for Volvo CEM, 2015 – 2018 Land Rover & Jaguar, Nissan Sylphy, Sentra and the car with B18 chassis, Toyota & Lexus smart key all lost /add key etc.

Lonsdor K518 Key Programmer Update Service:

Lonsdor K518ise and Lonsdor K518s Menus are divided into two parts: free menus and subscribed menus.

1. Free menus are free for lifetime.
2. Subscribed menus can be used free for 365 days. You need to pay for them after the trial period. After the trial period, subscribed menus will not work properly if you don’t pay. And the menus will disappear after updating the device.

Lonsdor K518ISE Update Service:

Lonsdor K518ISE First Time Update Service ($480)
Lonsdor K518ISE Second Time Update Service ($400)
Lonsdor K518ISE Third Time  Update Service ($220)

Lonsdor K518s Update Service:

Lonsdor K518S First Time Update Service ($600)
Lonsdor K518S Second Time Update Service ($450)
Lonsdor K518S Third Time  Update Service ($300)



Lonsdor K518 Key Programmer License Service:

Update Cars Model/ add key /AKL program License Service Need also
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XC40\2020-\Smart key
XC60\2018-\Smart key
XC90\2015-\Smart key
S60\2020-\Smart key
V60\2018-\Smart key
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Open Volvo CEM License Service No
Newest JLR 2015 – 2018 Land Rover & Jaguar All key lost & add key by OBD Open JLR license Lonsdor specific key Smart Key
Newest Nissan New Sylphy, Sentra and the car with B18 chassis, add key (No need pincode), program AKL by OBD  Open Nissan Sylphy license Lonsdor Sylphy 16+32 Gateway adapter
Newest Toyota Lexus Toyota & Lexus smart key all lost /add key AKL free online calculation Use H0440C to collect data and generate with K518 /KH100+ directly