LonsdorK518ISE Program mazda CX5 2019 All keys Lost

auto key programmer

How to:program smart keys on Mazda CX5 2019 when all keys lost using Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer.

  1. Open Lonsdor K518ISE

Select “immobilization”→ Mazda→ CX-5→ 2018- →smart key

  1. Turn ignition on


  1. Follow the prompt “If you can not turn on the ignition switch, please use the function to force it to open”and click “ ok”.


  1. First, press and hold the start button for 10 sec and the start button light will turn from green to yellow.  

Second, release and click the start button, the dashboard will be lit up

Click “ok”

3-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 4-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 3-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 4-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost

  1. Select “all smart key lost”

5-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 5-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost

  1. Important: all smart keys will be delete, at least2 keys are required to complete programming

Click “ ok”

6-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 7-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 8-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost

  1. “Is the ignition switch on”YES


  1. Wait car horn…


  1. You will need at least 2 keys to start car engine and click “ok”

11-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 12-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 13-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 14-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost

  1. Switch ignition off


  1. Turn ignition on

   Click OK, within 10s put the smart key close to car start button

16-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 17-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 18-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost 19-Lonsdor-K518ise-Program-mazda-CX5-2019-All-keys-Lost

  1. Program completed, program the next key. And switch the ignition off.


  1. Follow the 11 step to program the second smart key


  1. Program completed, whether to program the next key? Click “cancel”


Tips : Before start car engine, you will need to complete below operation steps

For AT vehicles

  1. Slam on the brake
  2. In turn to put each programmed key onto car start button to start engine for 3sec, then turn ignition off
  3. Remove key after green light off


  1. Check remote works ok. Lonsdor K518ISE program smart keys on Mazda CX5 2019 succeed.

 Job’s done.