MB C4 Diag vendor recommendation and good test reports

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I placed an order last night for the MB C4 system, I’ve had a couple of conversations with our friends in China and the received wisdom seems to be the C4 (with SSD) is quicker & more reliable than the older C3 system and seeing as there’s little difference in price plus it can be used wirelessly, seemed a better bet.

I currently possess an Icarsoft MB 2 diag box but have had nothing but problems with it, both updating and fault finding. Still trying to cure a few electrical faults as well as a mechanical problem.

Plus my local Merc dealer has the attitude of, “leave it with us Sir and i’m sure we’ll find the problem”. Me: “how longs that gonna take?” Merc: “we’ll let you know”. At £100 an hour plus Vat i finally decided to bite the bullet & buy my own system and do it myself.

FWIW I’ve tried a couple of UK-based sellers and were found to be Bullsh1ters as neither carried any inventory. It seemed to me at least all they did was order it from China where i’ve ordered mine and added £150 to the price.
One UK seller, after i’d paid him went to ground for 2 weeks – seriously nothing, it was only after the threat of legal action he popped back up and refunded my money.

The other was a Polish guy advertising on Gumtree (a C3 system) who’s system i purchased and when it didn’t work surprise surprise he too diasppeared on me. Ended up doxxing him on a FB sprinter forum and what do you know “he was just about to pay me” Me: “yeah sure you were.”

So this is what i’ve ordered:


Update: good impressions

Ordered Wednesday night & delivered Monday afternoon from China. First impressions are very good as it came well packaged, on opening it consists of a hard case for the cables and multiplexer and a laptop bag that with the Dell D630 in it. The laptop looks and feels brand new.

Also got a mouse and a few accessories including what looks like a brand new power supply. Just been playing with the software in simulation mode as i think a good bit of practice wouldn’t hurt before plugging into the van.

all good, quite intuitive software.

benz-c4-vendor-01 benz-c4-vendor-02 benz-c4-vendor-03 benz-c4-vendor-04

Credits to all members from https://sprinter-source.com/forum/showthread.php?t=80626