Mongoose Pro GM II for Saab: Tech2Win Activation and Troublehooting

car diagnostic tool

A few notes from my experiences…

although i have a 2008 9-3 i was unable to use saab tis2k to reprogram modules–it kept telling me invalid salesmake. so i ended up just installing saab global to a different VM to avoid all the apache stuff. i run tech2win on that VM, and point it at the opel global web site running on the other box to unlock tech2win. once that’s done i just shut down the opel global VM because i won’t need it for 24hrs.

from what i can see the license to “use” tech2win is bound to the .bin file that’s loaded in it when you enable security. in other words, if i use the “default” card to enable tech2win via opel global, it does not carry over if i then launch tech2win with the saab NAO.bin. as a result if i want to use the saab nao (which i do) then i have to have that running in tech2win when i enable security access via opel global.

i’ve also noticed that requesting vehicle security access once you’re attached to the car DOES write to the .bin file, making a change–what i figure is that it burns the VIN into the card.

once that card has changed, opel global no longer will successfully update the t2w “use” license. :/ probably looking at the VIN and realizing that it is not an opel? no idea, other than the fact that it doesn’t work.

uninstalling and reinstalling t2w doesn’t fix it.

thankfully, what DOES fix it is reverting to the unaltered saab.bin file, which wipes the VIN. i made up a little batch file that i can just click on that rewrites it with a “fresh” copy.

using saab global i was able to SPS update ECM/CIM/etc.

ymmv. this is just the stuff i’ve learned in my particular setup.

troubleshooting misfires/coils

the key is using the gm nao bin (link) and selecting 2006 caddy crx 2.8l.

this bin has MUCH better engine diagnostics and i successfully used it today to track down a misfire to a particular cylinder.


while using that bin you have to have tech2 up and running in the car. the bin has a particular screen that shows misfire counters. although there are “historical” counters they do not persist past a few hundred crank revs so they’re useless after the fact.

what i did was do a 2nd gear pull while left foot braking and as soon as i felt a miss i let off and looked down at the screen. it was always #3.

i swapped #3 with #6 (because 6 always came up clean and was much easier to access) and did a few more pulls. this time always #6.

took the coil off and threw it in the trash with extreme gusto. :nono;

then i went to the back of the garage and dug in my old parts boxes and found the 6 coils i had shotgunned two years ago. grabbed one and slapped it in #6, did a few more pulls, and ;ol; no more misfires.

i can’t take all the credit for the gm bin idea–i’d read about it here somewhere in another thread, but i can’t remember where it was. kudos to that OP.

activation and keygen

you must reactivate your license to use tech2win with opel global, yes.

the software is self contained (needs no access to internet) and available from multiple sources. you can download it and archive a copy of it as you wish.

the only chokepoint i’m aware of that needs “outside resources” right now is the generation of the license key to install the opel global software initially. once installed this never needs to be repeated.

futureproofing is possible by building your opel global workstation as a VM and archiving a copy of that as well (which is what i have done–i will never need to reinstall opel global tis).

in any event, i would not be surprised to see that opel global keygen appear within a year or two. things always have a way of leaking out…