Mongoose (Pro) SP116 SP205 SP205-B: Which is the best?

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For those interested. 

I just received the new Mongoose Pro (clone, SP205) I ordered after my original Mongoose (non Pro, SP116) died on me.

I noticed on several Chinese suppliers sites that the Mongoose Pro is mentioned as being V142 and it seems to be technically different having more / better voltage protectors. They also mention JLR 1.37 not being able to do offline programming.

I asked the question if this version, which the seller calls 1.42, would work with the older SDD 1.31 version. I prefer to keep that version because it doesn’t need patches or anything. Didn’t get an answer but I thought it would.

The clone comes with 1 DVD with version 1.39 of the software (including Mongoose driver and stuff for Mazda and Ford). Also with 3 DVD’s with the 1.42 version (including Mongoose driver and serial). 

I deleted the old Mongoose driver from my VirtualBox with SDD V1.31.3 and installed the one from the 1.39 DVD and the SDD works fine again with the new MongoosePro.

The version I bought is also named Version SP205 by the seller.


I have used them so far on my X308 (2001), on a X308 (1997), X100 (1999), X350 (2005), X400 (2001). So far they never failed.

For me it makes more sense to have a “handy” device for fault detection and/or programming.


But this, of course, is up to everyone himself and it could be from 8,9″ to 14″ as I tested here:


Good to know: What is it SP116 and 205, 205-b

The supplier numbers of the different Mongoose versions.

For the manufacturer codes

SP116 means Mongoose
SP205 means Mongoose Pro (B I guess is just a revision)