Mr Li vs Genuine Lishi: Which is true? Which is fake?

Professional Auto Locksmith Tool

This is for those confused about how to know if the lishi locksmith tools he has is genuine or not.

Two questions and answers frequently asked will help you out.

Question 1:

Can you tell me more, why Mr li and the genuine lishi are 2 brands and not just 1, and the tools 100% the same ?

Mr li and the genuine lishi brand all come out of the same factory, laser etching is the only difference

when Mr Li first made them he had his own logo which was the oval lishi logo. He then signed a deal with UAP Trade locks so they could make the square logo genuine lishi brand. After a falling out with UAP he went on to make the face logo lishi brand. It’s all a bit murky but it comes down to licencing. In a year time you’ll see UAP c4 picks etc. From what I understand UAP aren’t allowed to brand it genuine lishi for sometime. Both brands are made in the same factory, it’s just

Question 2:

I was told the one with Mr Li on the tool is genuine, is this true ? both tools say genuine ?

Ghost: My understanding is the one with Mr. Li’s face is a recent addition to the design, that there were fraudulent ones that didn’t work well (or at all) that were popping up with the phrase “Genuine Lishi”, even though they weren’t. So the face was added as an additional identifier… Of course the knock-offs will start doing the same very quickly, probably already have.

Ja S: the ones with the face on are Mr.Li’s ones, NOT lishi, the genuine lishi brand is owned by UAP TradeLocks in the UK but that is just a brand as ther was also a company called genuine lushi bt was to similar so UAP rebranded them as genuine lish and the Ttool version and night vision version and classic version are all done by UAP but these Mr.Li ones obviously are from China and is probably a friend of the guy that makes or designs car locks and then the designs are probably then sold to UAP’S manufacturer or could evan be the same guy just under a different name because of branding and if you do a side by side comparison they are ALMOST identical and don’t get me wrong the Mr.Li versions especially for VAG2015 8 and 10 cut are high quality tools but the UAP versions just feel that little bit better but that been said USUALLY and depending were you buy them the Mr.Li are a lot cheaper AND usually come with some blank master and slave keys which the red handled key nibbler is made for were as the blue handled Klom nibbler is for domestic keys, wereas as you said the red handled nibbler is for auto, evan though they’re strong enough to cut a domestic key and aswell as that the UAP versions come with the cool black tubes were as Mr.Li only come in a hard black normal case which is BIG for the tool. I hope this is of some use guys and cleared up some confusion and if trying to do it on a budget then I’d go for Mr.Li as they do the exact same job and are descent quality but if for more professional then the UAP offer a lifetime warranty and the cool tubes and the option of getting them in night vision can be useful to but not essential, hope this helps 🙂

Rusty: Both are genuine. Mr Lee only sold his in China and lisenced them to the original lishi to sell elsewhere in the world. They are both the real deal. And they are both good. Mr Lee is the inventor.

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