OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS Upgrade Announcement of June 2019

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OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS / DP Upgrade Announcement of June 2019:



Optimized the key learning function


  1. Increased 12-digit Pincode smart key system type3
  2. Increased 12-digit Pincode IMMO system type3


  1. Optimized Senova D50 key programming
  2. Optimized Hyosow S6 smart key programming procedure
  3. Increased BAIC new energy EU5 smart key system group 2 Initialization enter into

system scanning mode


  1. Optimized Courier(Tourneo Courier) key programming
  2. Optimized Ecosport Pincode algorithm in key programming
  3. Optimized Kuga Pincode algorithm in smart key programmingwww.obdstar.com

2 2019.06.28


  1. New Increased:

300/300C(2015-2017/2018-), 300(2019), PACIFICA(2018/2019)

VIPER(2015-2017), CHALLENGER(2015-2017/2018/2019), RAM(2018)

CHARGER(2015-2017/2018/2019), DURANGO(2014/2018-2019),


  1. Increased 2017- Renegade smart key system
  2. Increased 2017-2018 Compass smart key system
  3. Increased 2018-2019 Grand Cherokee smart key system
  4. Optimized 300C(2005-2006)(2015-2017) function menu
  5. Optimized US-Canada area 2014-2015 Grand Cherokee key programming
  6. Optimized US-Canada area 2015-2016 Renegade key programming
  7. Optimized US-Canada area 2008 Grand Cherokee key programming
  8. Optimized US-Canada area 1998-2000 300M key programming

3 2019.06.28


  1. Increased 2017- CX9 smart key programming
  2. Optimized 2018 CX4 smart key system ignition on function
  3. Optimized 2018 CX4 smart key system all keys lost programming procedure


  1. Optimized Megane
  2. Optimized 2012 Fluqnce flipkey
  3. Optimized 2015 Dacia Logan key programming

Great Wall

  1. Increased data index ID
  2. Solved Haval H6 2017- smart key programming failure


1.Increased Ferrari 612 Scaglietti and California

2.Optimized 2016- Maserati smart key IMMO data reading

3.Optimized BSI_MARELLI_70F3633_95320 type EEprom reading

4.Revised Iveco key programming type LIER_BCM and DELHP_IMMO 

4 2019.06.28


Increased and optimized D60 smart key system


  1. Optimized Tunland remote system
  2. Increased the help data ID


Optimized Emgrand EV450 UMC smart key system


  1. Solved Excelle 2018- prompt 7F E3 problem
  2. Solved GL6 2017- security verification failure


Increased the data ID


Increased the data ID


Increased the data IDwww.obdstar.com

5 2019.06.28


  1. Increased the data ID
  2. Increased Roewe E50 IMMO system
  3. Increased Roewe RX8 IMMO system
  4. Increased Roewe Ei5 IMMO system
  5. Increased MG GS smart key system
  6. Increased MG MG6 smart key system
  7. Increased MG ZS smart key system
  8. Increased Roewe 750 (new) IMMO system
  9. Optimized Roewe RX3 IMMO system (non-smart)

Cluster Calibration


  1. Revised FOCUS 2018- to be FOCUS 2019
  2. Optimized 2017- Ecosport cluster calibration procedure
  3. Increased 2017- EcoSport/2017- Carnival/2018- Focus/2018- Transit Customwww.obdstar.com

6 2019.06.28

Great Wall

Increased Hover H6 and H8 cluster calibration function


Optimized Benz B series W245 cluster calibration function


  1. Shielded the Citroen C5 menu
  2. Increased the model‘help’ index
  3. Shielded Citroen BSI_P0X extra function menu(recover FLASH)


Updated the function of automatically recognize the dashboard type


Optimized the algorithm file of encrypted chip

APK Software

Increased JavaScript in Help section,support the online automatic multi-language