OBDSTAR X300DP Plus Updated for USA Cars (Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Ford)

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Good to know: OBDSTAR X300DP Plus software is updated on Jan. 2020 for better American vehicle coverage incl. Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Ford.

Dodge V32.03 Update
Increased Vision 2015-2017 pre-coding and key programming
Increased Journey 2018-2019 smart key programming ( Pin code Bypass )

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JEEP V32.03 Update
Increased Compass 2019- smart key programming ( Pin-code Bypass )
Increased Renegade 2018-2019 smart key programming ( Pin-code Bypass )


Chrysler V32.03 Update
Increased Chrysler 300 2018 smart key programming ( Pin-code Bypass )


Ford V33.07 Update
Increased C-MAX 2010-2014 smart key programming
Increased FOCUS 2013-2015 smart key programming
Increased 2017- Explorer/Edge/Fusion/Mustang/F150/F250 models (with alarm system) AKL ( all keys lost )( requires BCM removal to read D-FALSH on the bench )


FIAT V32.35 Update
Increased Alfa Romeo/Iveco/Lancia/Maserati remote programming