ODIS + VAS 5054A, What’s possible? (Coding)

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Hi guys,

Is coding possible with ODIS + VAS 5054A clone?
I wanna change something (one or another bit) on an Audi a6 4g on the MMI

Replied by fellows at mhhauto.com:

Yes it is. But not every control unit / software is shown as textcoding. Some are not translated and you can only see them in raw bit coding (binary / hex). So yes, of course you can do coding, with ODIS-E and ODIS-S. Where I suggest to use ODIS-E.

With ODIS-E you have a slightly higher chance that coding schemes are implemented as text, than you have with ODIS-S. Whilst ODIS-S supports Guided Function where you just tell him what to do and it sets adaptation channels and/or codings for you (so actually in the end you don’t know what it did).

If you really know which bit you wanna change it doesnt matter what you use. But in case you wanna change things manually I think you should better go for VCDS. It has a lot of coding schemes, I’d say more then there are open as text in ODIS-E.

In the end it is all just a matter of what you need or wanna do.

Chinacardiag.com tech support:

Confirmed! ODIS and 5054 is possible to do A6 coding.

Look here: Audi A6 2013 online coding with VXDIAG VXN NANO 5054

All needed:

-working odis 3.0 software

-a HQ 5054 device:

Vas 5054a clone….confirmed!

Vxdiag vcx nano 5054….confirmed!

Network status:

Connected; Online

Open VX Manager


It’s connected to the Internet: Online

Open ODIS Audi

Warning/notes: OK


Start diagnosis


Audi A6 2013


Select Engine electronic control system to identify control unit



Select ECU coding and Confirm to continue


Then follow ODIS instruction; do and click on Complete/Continue


Connector the 5054 connector to the vehicle

Switch on ignition


The ECU self-test did not find any fault code

Yes to do ECU online coding


Yes to start the comparison of Predetermined value/ Actual value


The test completes


Prepare to comparison of Predetermined value/ Actual value

Please connect a charger to the car


For users with wireless scan tool (VAS5054A or Vxdiag vcx nano 5054), please connect it via the USB cable to avoid any change of Bluetooth connection


Start comparison of Predetermined value/ Actual value

When reading data, connect the  diagnostic tool to the corresponding hardware with working Network


Make sure an appropriate charger is connected


Have read data


Connect the diagnostic tool to the corresponding hardware with working Network

Establish network connection, then go on. Enter user id

odis-online-coding-service-18 odis-online-coding-service-19

Diagnostic report sent




This is codes have been set up