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AuroDIAG Tech Support: AuroDIAG IM100 or IM600 processes to access and send DATA LOG.

In this video easily understand what a DATA LOG is and how to send them to the AuroDIAG engineering team.

With the current software update, you will see the DATA LOG icon has changed and so has the process. Your OtoSYS tool is now always Data Logging and can store up 20 unsent Data Logs in the Data Manager memory.

DATA LOG = Submitting direct contact to the Auro engineering team, for any non-working functions, broken links, non-supported vehicles, or suggestions. Now enter notes and photos or screen captures directly from the tool, to help the engineers see what you see.

DATA LOGS are the best way to give your input to the AuroDIAG engineering team. The more feedback you provide, the better your tool supports your projects!


GeneticallyHybrid means the OtoSYS IM600 provides locksmiths and technicians with the best of both worlds, a balanced combination for Advanced Vehicle Services!
– Guided IMMO Solutions / Powerful Key Programming
– OE Level Diagnostics / Maintenance Service Features

Professional locksmith now have the choice of jumping between the key programming functions.
• Smart Mode for guided and automated key learning
• Expert Mode for advanced key learning functions

Auro is an advanced smart key programming tool that combines the most powerful IMMO and programming functions with OE-level diagnostics and advanced service functions in one Android based 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet. With the included key programmer UP400, OtoSys IM600 will provide more key programming and vehicle service from one scan tool than you ever wanted!