Review: VVDI2 Reads CS from VW Beatle Audi

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So I’ve had the VVDI2 off for about 2 months now. Still a newbie on this VVDI2 but I have done 15+ duplicates/lost keys on VW and Audi with no problem pulling 7 CS pre-code keys and programming keys.

Well I have a problem child today.

A 2008 VW Beetle.

Only gives me the 6CS with the 7CS = 00.

This car is an auction car the customer bought with 1 key programmed in system.

I’ve tried under special program with original key with no 7CS found, under eeprom systems (I have bin file) and under learn key with same result.


Looking for any ideas of how I can find the 7CS on this car:

You should be able to find 7byte out of the exciting 
key! and if learning failed which is common on beetle 
I make dealer key out of ecu if needed
Then u can learn it with any other programmer…
Beatle and vvdi2 as far as learning process are not the best friends…

Ideas from a Xhorse group via Facebook: Xhorse the best: VVDI2, VVDI Prog, VVDI MB, Condor mini

Good to know:  CS: Component security bytes

It has 12 bytes for UDS 4th immobilizer cluster. Move your mouse to this area, you will get balloon show 7 bytes CS in ECU show original 6 byes CS is: C2 D3 45 7E 68 0E). You can’t find 7th byte CS from UDS 4th immobilizer cluster, it don’t have 7th byte, it have another 6 bytes CS part 2

CAN 4th immobilizer cluster (CDC32xx, A3/TT/R8) will have 7 bytes at this value. That is the original 7 bytes CS ECU must have same 6 bytes CS with balloon show CS bytes. If they are not same, you car can’t start