Review: Xentry Passthru + VAS5054A on Windows 7 64 Pro

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Many members write that xentry passthru is okay with VAS5054A. Read the post and get 64 bit driver for VAS5054A:

i myself use Dell latitude win7x64 PRO, chipsoft mid (usd131) and pro (usd218) as my adventure with xentry passthru. i chose chipsoft because it can handle 24v (max 35v). i bought the famous VAS5054A (usd 60) too but don’t touch it yet because it can’t handle 24v (max 17v). i guess chipsoft lite (usd89) is worth to try too.

PKW (passenger car & van 12v)
i test it at a glance with xentry and das, all are easy, direct and good result.

xentry: w212, w204

das:  sprinter, w220, w221 

Truck (Actros 2,3), Axor & Bus OHXBC, OC500 24v
i try with unsupported DAS vehicles in xentry passthru (Lkw, Bus k-line). 
I add the folders that is not installed with xentry passthru and take it from xdos with same release.
i am help by Denis (owner and developer of chipsoft). He is a savant.  
He helps update the drivers several time to help me to achieve what i want.
The first driver when i get, it does not work with xentry/das and vediamo for mercedes vehicles 24v.

– Actros: All ecu are okay but not GM. Still under research but i am already boring right now.
– Axor MB INA (all k-line ecu): Great working now
– Bus OHXBC, OC500 (all k-line ecu): at last, all are great now

– device insulation is not good. i already burn one mid and one pro. 
  i don’t think it is good for a long term use for 24v unless Denis want to add that protection.

Comparing with partD (C3) and SDConnect
– the price (almost the same)                      – 
– fully compatibility with all mb vehicles       —
– Reliability with 24v                                  — 
– Size & weight                                         +++++
– Support other Brands                              +++

Update: collected tests from fellows.. also works


Have used clone VAS5054 w/OKI on 211/203/204 Body styles can be viewed, things can be activated, error codes was able to clear, adaptation was able to be completed, VIN was read, cars was identified

C203 2003:

I am testing Xentry Passthru 12.2017 with VAS5054 on C203 2003. everything works without problem.  on line k too.

2006 CLS55 AMG, 2007 R Class, 2008 Sprinter:

I used my VAS5054a with the 2006 Mercedes CLS55 AMG, 2007 R Class, 2008 Sprinter, all in DAS.  Everything worked except the ignition detection.

C 250 2014

I used VAS5054a with C 250 2014 using Xentry, everything works fine, no sense of ignition, but Xentry gives you a check box to manually select.

2006 for Mercedes:
I have not tried more than 2006 for Mercedes, but I’m sure the limit is in software / drivers.