SEC-E9 Key cutting machine Inspection & cutting key

key cutting machine

First, the first step to receive the product, check the packaging. After opening the package, please confirm whether the machine and accessories are complete , SEC-E9 standard package of CNC key machine (below).


2. After confirming that the packing items are complete, please read the supporting manual carefully and follow the instructions strictly.

Third, online power : the power switch is connected to the power strip, open the power strip, the screen automatically lights up;

(Please note: This is a Chinese version sec-e9 picture, the function is the same with the overseas version)


appears cool open logo, rotate the emergency stop button, open the next crew;


screen main interface into the main program, on behalf of the screen and the lower position Get in touch.


Fourth, Bluetooth auto pairing takes tens of seconds. Please wait patiently. Do not touch any buttons on the screen . If the Bluetooth is disconnected, please click the Bluetooth icon in the lower right corner to find the corresponding model serial number. Enter the password and click Next to display the connection. The Bluetooth setting is completed.


Poke the following video to play the boot, shutdown, restart operation demonstration.

V. Probe, milling cutter installation and machine calibration :

Machine calibration operation points for attention:

01. Take out 2 probes and tighten them with T-wrench to the right.

02, the calibration block is fixed in the fixed position of the fixture;0?wx_fmt=jpeg

03, from the main interface into the “Settings” menu, click “fixture fixture” – “Start”, confirm that the calibration block is installed, click the prompt box to calibrate the fixture; 0?wx_fmt=jpeg 0?wx_fmt=jpeg 04, fixture calibration is completed , click the “probe” icon to explore Needle calibration;0?wx_fmt=jpeg

05, remove the right probe, install the spindle cutter, enter the “settings” interface calibration cutter.0?wx_fmt=jpeg 0?wx_fmt=jpeg


A. After receiving the new machine or using it for a period of time, please recalibrate the machine so as to ensure the accuracy of the machine;

B. If you reset the distance between the probe and the milling cutter, all fixtures need to be recalibrated;

C. Make sure to record the changed settings for future use;

D. The value of each machine may be different. After replacing the motherboard or upgrading the firmware, please re-execute the calibration process.

E. The data in this interface can be fine-tuned left and right, before and after, which will change the origin of the fixture, but generally do not need to change;

F. The above data is for reference only and is not used as a standard value.

Six, with spoon. Take the example of TOY43 Toyota Camry key with SEC-E9 CNC key machine + 2 in 1 Lee tool as example:

During the operation, please strictly follow the video requirements .

Operation points for attention:

01. Open Toyota Camry car door lock with 2-in-1 tool;0?wx_fmt=jpeg

02. Toyota TOY43 door lock 8 pieces, ignition lock 10 pieces;0?wx_fmt=jpeg

03, enter the “data search” – “key blank search” – “manual input”, from the left third place to enter the combo tool to read the key tooth number ;


04, the flat milling key blanks fixed in the upper fixture, select the “middle speed”, “three-terminal positioning” mode, clean the fixture before cutting hygiene, cutting is completed, remove the key, clean the fixture.

clean-the-fixture Change-the-position-of-the-stopper