Should I have VVDI Key Tool?

auto key programmer

VVDI Key Tool Xhorse Reliable?

Every tool have its pros and cons.

But if You make a calculation between smok, and vvdi key tool, then you understand why.
In my opinion it is best to have both. But look at vvdi nowadays. It’s worth every penny. Powerful function and wide chip coverage.

Vvdi key tool abilities:

Transponder Generation:
Write most common transponder available in the market including 36, 46, 47, 60, 70

Transponder cloning:
Support 46 42 11 12 4D

Frequency & power tester:
Frequency test of 27-900 MHZ
Power test 300-450 MHZ

Remote cloning:
Rolling code & Fixed code

Generate remote:
More than 400 FCC ID types

Generate Garage door remote:
More than 100 types

Unlock OEM remotes:

NXP keyless & Prox Remotes

Vvdi keytool chip coverage:

Chips can be recognized

Chips can be edited (read and written)

Chips can be copied offline

Chips can be copied online

# Functions will be released

* Only support some

Chips ID Recognize Read/Write Copy Offline Copy Online
11 Y Y# Y
12 Y Y# Y
13 Y Y# Y
30 Y Y# Y
33 Y Y# Y
42 Y Y# Y
46 Y Y# Y
4C Y Y# Y
4D-60 Y Y Y
4D-61 Y Y Y
4D-62 Y Y Y
4D-63 Y Y Y
4D-65 Y Y Y
4D-67 Y Y Y
4D-68 Y Y Y
4D-69 Y Y Y
4D-72G Y Y Y
4F-64 Y Y Y
49 Y Y Y
4D-70 Y Y Y
4D-83 Y Y Y
48 Y Y Y* Y
4A Y
8C Y

Xhorse is a VERY open mind company in that way, if you see something is not going WELL, you just need to contact your dealer and they will contact DIRECTLY with Xhorse to fix or try to fix your problem. For example, you have a problem with the VVDI2 Key maker on IVECO when creating ID48, send the reading for help and the new BIN created by VVDI2 and the bin created by Tango (for example) and they fix the problem and then everything will work good!