(Solved) ODIS License is Invalid

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This is personal experiece that ODIS license has run out

Message from ODIS:

Error reading the license file: NotAfter: Jun 01 16:50:01 CEST 2018
This license is invalid

So the situation is as folows:

I have found where the licence data is stored – MY DOCUMENTS; I erased it and tryd to install a new copy….
i have downloaded the two launchers(valid until 2030 and valid until 2020)….. Then first i tried with
the launcher, that is valid until 2030, and it goes until the window
with license apears…. Then there is a number of HARDWARE ID, but the
number is only with four digits, so the KEYGEN gives an ERROR when i
want to create the licence(i dont have the correct keygen)…. So i
cudent create the license and so i was at the beginning…. 

i tried the second launcher, valid until 2020…. I installed a fresh
copy of ODIS 4.2.3 and copiyed your launcher…. When i start the
program it runs, but it gives a ERROR – COULD NOT READ LICENSE; LICENSE
ERROR; and the program shuts down…. So i coud not start it, to came to
the window with the HARDWARE ID and license…. I also tried to copy
the OLD license file and the NEW launcher, but it gives the same

Then i have tried to copy the old launchers,
witch i have with the program, but it gaves me the same hardware ID, and
so the created licence(with KEYGEN) is same as the old one; valid until

Then i hade no more idea, and changed the TIME and DATE of the computer…. So the program works with changed time and date….

But i wood like to make the program run normal with valid licence…..

Im searching for new solutions…. That i coud have the computer run with correct TIME and DATE…

  1. i recommend cracked odis (without license issues):