(Solved) Techstream 12.20.024 No “Utility” and “Customize” Buttons

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Mini-VCI with firmware 1.4.1, and Techstream 12.20.024. I can connect to the car, and see all the TPMS data, but there’s no blue Utility button to enter new TPMS IDs.

I’ll give v12.10.019 a try, but wanted to see what worked for others.


I tried Techstream v12.10.019 and it worked!

The missing “Utility” and “Customize” buttons were there, and I was able to register the IDs for the TPMS sensors for my winter tires. I could see the new IDs, and it was picking up the pressure and temperature from them, so that all seemed to work. I also browsed through the Customize options.

Just in case it makes a difference to someone: after I uninstalled v12.20.024, I also deleted the Techstream directory in Program Files. The procedure to install v12.10.019 was identical to v12.20.024.

Some more details:
– 2017 TRDP
– Crappy old laptop running Windows XP 32-bit
– The laptop didn’t have an internet connection when connected to the 4R

Mini-VCI with firmware 1.4.1