(Solved) Vas5054a clone not detected on USB

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Hardware: Vas5054a clone head

Software version: ODIS-S 4.3.3 and ODIS-E 8.1.3

Operation system: windows 7 Ultimate x64


Bluetooth – the windows see it but can’t connect

USB – it’s not detected on USB

When connect on OBD, the LED start blinking and after a few minutes the buzzer start to beep.

This is the Vas5054 clone inner board
vas5054a-pcb-windows-7-1 vas5054a-pcb-windows-7-2 vas5054a-pcb-windows-7-3 vas5054a-pcb-windows-7-4 vas5054a-pcb-windows-7-5

Solution 1:

x64 is the problem. Use 32 bit or


Solution 2:

Maybe the Device Manager ignored it and noticed it as “Unknown Device”.
Try the following:
-Unplug everything
-Open the Device Manager
-Enable “Show hidden devices”
-Delete all greyed out devices
-Reboot the PC
-Plug the VAS5054A on a USB2.0 socket (don’t use USB3.0)

If you can’t see “hidden devices” search on the web for how to activate it via “devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1′

Solution 3:

Resolder or replace isp1181


Solution 4:

OKI can be thrown away. VPW and PWM protocols are not using in VAG.

most likely your OKI chip is a fake one. Do what chineses are doing with their fake chips and lift pin 24.  Also, your TJA1054 IC is upside-down buddy. You have to rotate it 180degrees to have it as it should be.

Solution 5:

What is the temperature of your memory modules. They are 3.3V instead of 5V so they must be overheated too. No amb2300. That is fake.

Look here: vas5054a with real amb200

Good luck