(Solved) VVDI Key Tool “Please use APP online 96 bits ID48 option to calculate”

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Thread: Help with ID48 Copy by VVDI Key Tool

Problem: Vvdi key tool displayed the message:

“Please use APP online 96 bits ID48 option to calculate”

when copy id48


What to do to get?

Where to read about usage of key tool?

Btw. the software for key tool takes too long to detect a tool attached to PC and unusable.

Tech support from real pros:

You need to go in app store/google play on your phone/tablet etc…. and download the key tool app, then like tool to the app by bluetooth.
On screen it’s also showing 96 bit ID48, if this is correct then you also need to purchase authorisation to allow cloning of these chips.

There is a key tool manual that you can read up, not sure if they added anything about the app yet or not. Never really checked manual for a while.

Official Tech support from the Xhorse:

First – you need licence on VVDI VV-04 9copy 48 96bit)
then you need combine VVDI2 with Keytool
Then you need APP from google
then you need wait till 1.04 because Xhorse said copy 48 is available from 1.04 not day or 2 before

Note: parts of 48 is supported by VVDI KEY TOOL offline directly decryption password. but when you do offline have to speed 40mins-1 hour, if this operation not finished you cannot take away the original key.
about 96bit copy48 support all online calculation support all car type with 48 transponder.

Attachment: How to combine VVDI2 with Keytool

1) Register Keytool apps on your Android devices

and connect Keytool via Bluetooth

2) Connect VVDI2 to your PC and go to Transponder Programmer




4) Connect Keytool to your PC with a USB cable,VVDI2 still connected with a USB cable


5) Select BIND VVDI2 and Keytool and press BIND VVDI will display information to connect Keytool to a PC


6) Then read the information


7) you will be redirected to the login page, enter the same login information you entered when logging in to Keytool on android

combine-vvdi2-and-vvdi-key-tool-6 combine-vvdi2-and-vvdi-key-tool-7 combine-vvdi2-and-vvdi-key-tool-8

8) After logging in you will see the state of VVDI2 and Keytool

9) if you want to transfer points from Keytool to VVDI2 , press OK

10 ) Moved points


11) VVDI Key Tool for 4896bit count will display the status of points from both devices