Tech Tool 2.7.XX Full with KG and DevTool Install Guide

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Tech Tool 2.7.XX Full with KG and DevTool with installer and install instructions for you.

Download link:!AgCc_lHVBpgBeNrpoAEsCvO5Zw3Z_bXPvPDMljlZ-aAq5oMPiLizy27nxcag-E99luPNAK8nHMQ-wteLkFioe4tzNvfsEfvxw-Avb0IRmMiP7af20MCE0Q



PTT 2.7 installation instruction

1).Prepare Windows 7 or Windows 8 , 10 x64 and update windows complete.

2).Extract or mount image file PTT 2.7 ISO bundle installer.

 3).Run Tech Tool Installer.exe

4).Insert user validation client ID:123456, user ID: m303773

5).Select manual client update notifications , wait for installation when after installation finish do not restart PC if when installation finish system forced restart windows you can restart it.

6).Open folder DeveloperPackage and install developerpackage file and patch.

7).Setting folder option show hide folder and uncheck hide extension for know file types.

8).Open folder C:\ProgramData\Tech Tools\Waf remove DtR and OtD folder.

9).Open folder and extract APCI+.rar and copy to C:\ProgramData\Tech Tools\Waf with DtR and OtD.

10).Open Folder C:\Program Files(x86)\Client Update\Console\ and rename extension file CLUPconsole.exe to other extention not exe it.

11).Open folder C:\Program Files(x86)\Tech Tool\Tech Tool\ApciPlus\ and rename extention apcidb.dll to other extention.

12).Copy APCIdb.dll to C:\Program Files(x86)\Tech Tool\Tech Tool\ApciPlus\ and restart windows.

13).Extract PTT 2.7Full.rar to C:\TechToolLicenseEditor.

14).Run Get_HW_ID.exe and generated ID and open KG_Act for PTT 2.7 license activator and run KG_Act and insert HW_ID and put name and customer and WLGen_Techtools License manager and copy regkey.dat to TechToolLicenseEditor folder

15).Open TechToolLicenseEditor folder and Run Administrator Run.bat for PTT 2.7 activator.

16).Open KG_Dev for activator for PTT developer tools.

17).Service and Keygen running edit First name and last name and select user type as developer.

18).Click “Create DB with new key” if you will get error sync ID populate error just start and close PTT.

19).Re‐created “Create DB with new key” and “Patch Login” 20).Open PTT 2.7 and login User ID : XX78 11 and close PTT 2.7 21).Right Click 2.7reg.reg and Merge.

22).Open PTT 2.7 and Checking about PTT 2.7 you will see developer database.

Tech Tool 2.7.25. Full Install video guide

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