Techstream Customization List: What is included

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Thanks a lot to bigbird1 for this detailed and comprehensive list on Techstream software!


Here’s the list of most of the items that are customizable:


ECO driving light indicator on/off: done through multi-information display


Language and units for the gauges and meters: done through multi-information display


Drive information (fuel consumption, units, miles (km) to empty, average speed etc etc: done through multi-information display


Unlocking using a key: driver’s door in 1 step, all doors in 2 steps (default) or all doors unlocked in 1 step: Techstream only


automatic door lock: shifting out of Park (default), locking once the vehicle hits 12 mph, or turning auto locking off: done through audio system screen


automatic door unlock: shifting into park (default), when driver’s door is opened, or disabling auto unlock: done through multi-information display


If you have the Smart Key system: the operational signal of the Smart key system can be changed: buzzer volume, emergency flasher acknowledgement, elapsed time before auto door lock-pen door warning buzzer can all be manipulated: done through multi-information display


With the wireless remote, you can enable or disable the wireless remote itself and change the operation of the power sliding door controls on the remote : Techstream only


If you have memory power driver’s seat, you can change the way the memory position is activated: done through multi-information display


If you want to change the door linking the seat memory: Techstream only


light sensor sensitivity and elapsed time for auto headlights off: done through multi-information display


auto high beam on/off and DRL system on/off: Techstream only


intuitive park assist adjustments: done through multi-information display


AC on operation linked with AUTO button on/off: done through multi-information display


elapsed time before interior lights turn off: 15s default, off, 7.5s, 30s: done through multi-information display


6 other illumination options and seatbelt buzzer on/off: Techstream only


There are a few other options only on the LTD package that I’ve left out.

There is a way to find the full list:

Chapter 9-2 Customization

It’s all on p. 621 of the owner’s manual.


Note: for the auto headlight delay, it is adjustable, to turn the headlights off after all doors are closed, from immediately (no delay ), to 30s (default), 60s, or 90s.

you don’t need Techstream to adjust this. It is done through the audio system touchscreen.


Hope this helps